How to find a Chimei LCD display : 3.5″ TFT LCD Display RGB LCD Kit Monitor 320×240

Today there are a lot of small screens available on eBay or Aliepress. The most common are dedicated to the RaspberryPi and have an HDMI input. This is not what you need for Telewizor!

For Telewizor you need a Led screen with two AV inputs. Its size is 3.5 inch and its ratio is 4: 3 just like an old TV. Pixels are 320×240 px, do not order larger or smaller.

Luckily, it is this type of AV screen that equip cars with a back camera. The technology is still analog. And it is this kind of signal that our Arduino Nano will generate.

You must therefore ensure this «3.5 inch TFT LCD Display RGB 320×240 pixel, 4/3 ratio» specifications when ordering your screen.

Some screens comes with an additional control which allows you to change the brightness. But in general, always prefer the small Driver, Blue or Green PCB to larger ones which are the width of the screen. The larger ones are older and display the Arduino’s signals poorly. With a small Driver you won’t have any troubles and the assembly will be easier.

Important: Before ordering, check if the seller’s pictures have AV1 and AV2 inputs (Two rgb connectors). It’s possible to use a screen with only 1 input, but you will loose the ability to display external signals.

If you order a screen already assembly on a shell, you must remove the screen by disassembly the plastique shell.

Here few links to this type of screen. The international activity of these sellers has not stopped as I write these lines (February 27, 2023):