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  • VIII

    VIII Features: -VIII is an 8 steps CV and Trig sequencer, with 8 sequencing modes: -Forward, Backward, Forward/Backward, Pendulum, Crab, Crawl, Random, Brownian -Clock Jack IN  -Reset Jack IN -CV Jack OUT -Trig Jack OUT -10P Eurorack bus connector  -49ma power draw (+/-12V) -Reverse polarity protection -Depth: 12hp -Skiff Friendly

  • Cthulu

    Cthulhu is a 2 pole filter, with a sound generator that can be controlled via a ribbon or CV.  Features: -2-pole filter-Integrated VCA with CV control-Two audio inputs-Mixer for the three sources-CV control with attenuverter on the filter-Direct output for the sound generator-Output and 180° output.

  • Out

    Sorry, this module is currently out of stock. Feel free to email us about next re-stock 😉

  • Thank’s

    Thank’s!!! Your module will be shipped within 3 days. The tracking number will be added directly into the Paypal transaction on the Paypal website. For any questions, just email me 😉 Ben, from Razmasynth

  • Telewizor-pre-order

    Telewizor Pre-order for Batch from July 10 2023. Everything you need, except the AV display. Partial Kit: 1 x Kit €87.50 EUR To order the AV Display from a Chinese Seller, check here:

  • AVdisplay

    How to find a Chimei LCD display : 3.5″ TFT LCD Display RGB LCD Kit Monitor 320×240 Today there are a lot of small screens available on eBay or Aliepress. The most common are dedicated to the RaspberryPi and have an HDMI input. This is not what you need for Telewizor! For Telewizor you need a […]

  • FR4-built

    DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for anything wrong (including electric shocks, malfunctions, fires, accidents involving a soldering iron) that might happen during the assembly of the kit. Everything you do while assembling the kit is at your own risks. SMD Resistors:  -1x 390r (R9) labelled 3900 -1x 750r (R8) labelled 7500 -1x 470r (R7) labelled […]

  • Telewizor-manual

    CV Input: Most of the Vector patterns are designed to display CV from -5V to +5V but fit well with 0/5V and Audio Signals. So, if you patch your usual -3/+3V LFO on the CV IN, the waveform (here a Triangle) will get from Left to Right on the screen. If you patch only a […]


    DU-NTSC Available as a kit: Batch#1, 18 August 2018—–SOLD OUT DU NTSC is an A/V display module we’ve created in collaboration with the record label Detroit Underground. It’s an evolution of Razmasynth’s Telewizor series. This ultra-custom module adds a unique element to your rack; the ability to display any video signal on its composite input, in […]

  • TelewizorV2

    TELEWIZOR V2 Batch#2, 23 September 2016 : —SOLD OUT Telewizor V2 is an AV display able to display any video signal apply on his composite input and now it is a Video Generator with several patterns, controlled by CV. In addition, Telewizor is turned to a real one channel Oscilloscope with a sample rate from […]