Next Batch: June 15 2024 :
-Full built and calibrated units: 280€
(Module ready to use, no need to solder).

Shipped from France to worldwide : 29


Telewizor is an A/V display module and Video Generator with several patterns, controlled by CV. It’s the last of Razmasynth’s Telewizor series and includes most of the patterns from Telewizor V2, Vector and DU-NTSC. The new kits are provided with black matte coated epoxy panels.

This ultra-custom module adds a unique element to your rack, the ability to display any video signal on its composite input, in addition to being a video generator with several patterns, which are controlled by CV and Gate functions. 

Furthermore, the Vector is set to a real one channel oscilloscope with a wide sample rate spectrum, allowing you further creative flexibility and playroom. With a sample rate ranging from 700KHz to 228 Hz, you can display anything from the lowest LFO signal to any VCO audio waveform or high frequency noise. 

We are also very excited about the capabilities of the Vector’s Video Cinch feature, which not only just exports a composite signal from the video generator, but can also export Video Signal or Sync with a simple hack.

Telewizor FR4 Tech Specs / Features:

-One channel AV Display for Eurorack Modular, PAL, NTSC Video Generator and One Channel Oscilloscope

-CV Input controls Video Generator (Jack Mono 3.5)

-Universal CV from modular, bipolar (+5/-5V) and unipolar (+5V)

-Gate Input: resets the current pattern and turns the screen black when a positive signal is applied (Jack Mono 3.5) 

-Chaos Button: inverts on-screen colors in all patterns; use this button to decrease the sample rate on an Oscilloscope sub-program in order to display signals from a LFO

-Video In: supports PAL/NTSC; it can connect with DVD, VCD, TFT Camera, Super Nintendo, VHS Tape, etc. via Cinch input 

-Composite Video Out: exports the video generator signal via the Cinch output ( NTSC )

Video Generator: 
-Over 21 video patterns (See Vector/ DU-NTSC/ FR-4 Quickstart Manual)
-One Channel Oscilloscope; with a sample rate from 700KHz to 228Hz

-Digital TFT Chimei LCD
-Display size: 3.5″
-Display Format: 4:3
-System: PAL/NTSC
-Pixel: 480(W)X272(H)
-10P Eurorack bus connector 
-191ma power draw (+12/-12V)
-Reverse polarity protection
-Depth: 16hp
-Skiff Friendly
-Optional solder pads on the PCB back, for powering display with an external power supply 12V DC, without causing main power supply to drop down